(Free) The Solid State Class 12 Notes PDF Download

The solid state class 12 notes pdf free download chapter 1 chemistry notes

Solid State is Chapter 1 in the Class 12 Chemistry Book. It is an interesting topic to read and learn. Today Crack Chemistry Provides you The Solid State Class 12 Notes PDF Download Free About The Solid State (Chapter 1) : The Solid State Class 12 chemistry contains the following contents, General Characteristics of Solid State … Read more

Trick To Find Valency of an Element

  Let’s Learn to calculate the Valency of an element quickly By using this Trick Trick To Find Valency of an Element:   Conditions for this trick to apply, You must know the Valence Electron of that Element. This trick is only suitable for S & P block elements It won’t applicable for D block … Read more

Amines | Organic chemistry – Crack Chemistry

Table Of Contents Amines ; Amines (-NH₂) are one of the functional groups, derivatives of Ammonia (NH₃) in which one or more hydrogen atoms have been replaced by Alkyl groups Many low lower molecular weight amines have very foul orders. Trimethylamine(CH3)3N, formed when enzymes break down certain fish proteins, has the characteristics odor of rotting fish. … Read more

Friedel craft Alkylation – Crack Chemistry

Friedel Craft Alkylation of Aromatic Rings This reaction is discovered by the two Scientists ” Charles Friedel & James Craft ” in 1877. This Reaction is used to the formation of Alkyl benzenes from the alkyl halides with the help of Metal Chlorides. Friedel Craft Alkylation is the most difficult aromatic Electrophilic Substitution reaction to … Read more

Aldol Condensation & Cannizaro Reaction – Crack Chemistry

Table Of Contents Reaction Mechanisms of Carbonyl Compounds :- Before seeing about Aldol condensation & cannizaro reaction I hope that you’re familiar with What is Carbonyl Group ? And its Characterstic nature ?   Before Seeing Reaction Mechanism, You must know about Alpha-Hydrogen : The Hydrogen present in carbon which is nearby to the Corresponding … Read more

Aldol Condensation of propanal

  Structure of Propanal : General Aldol reaction of Propanal : When the two molecules of propanal (propionaldehyde) is react with sodium hydroxide (any base) it will form Aldol Product. After the process, while heating the Aldol product of propanal, water (H20) is eliminated. The product that we got after heating is called Aldol Condensation … Read more

Aromaticity – Huckel’s Rule – Crack Chemistry

Introduction to Aromaticity :- Benzene(C₆H₆) , the simplest aromatic hydrocarbon occupies the key position on the study of Chemistry of Aromatic compound. This is one of the important topic in organic chemistry, In every exam at least one question is asked from this part. Aromaticity is simply defined as behavior of benzene like compounds by other … Read more

Cyclohexane & Cyclohexane Conformations – Crack Chemistry

Cyclohexane is come under the group of Cycloalkanes.   ” Cyclohexane is a saturated hydrocarbon with Six Carbon atoms present in it  All carbon atoms are Attached together by single covalent bonds with another carbon to form a ring. They are also called as Alicyclic Compounds “ Cyclohexane – An Overview :   Molecular Formula :- … Read more

Aldol condensation of Cyclohexanone (Step by step)

aldol condensation of cyclohexanone

We already know about What is Aldol Condensation ? So now we are going to solve same the aldol condensation of cyclohexanone. The chemical formula for the cyclohexanone is C6H10O. The structure of the cyclohexanone is given below General Reaction (aldol condensation of cyclohexanone) Generally the aldol condensation of cyclohexanone occurs as a Inter-molecular aldol … Read more

Thermodynamics : Basic Terms

Thermodynamics & Thermodynamic basic terms are very important chapter & topic in Physical Chemistry. Everyone thinks that Thermodynamics is very tough and hard to study. But the reality is thermodynamics is a very easy to understand and memorize the concepts. Let’s get into that. Thermodynamics  : The Term “Thermodynamics” means “Flow of heat”. It deals … Read more

Thermodynamics Notes – Download

Hello, Here we are providing you the BEST Standard Notes. This Thermodynamics notes is taken from IIT JEE Topper. This will definitely help you to boost your ranks in the exams. Although the notes are very simple and basic, it is very much help in the revision and initial stages of your preparation. I highly … Read more

Best chemistry books for iit jee – Crack Chemistry

Best Chemistry Books for IIT jee : Before seeing about the list of Best chemistry books for IIT jee chemistry, You first understand this, Most of people think that taking notes from video lectures, online notes is enough for the IIT JEE Exam. Before getting thoughts like this. Please remember, this is National Level Competitive … Read more

Covalent Bond – Crack Chemistry

Covalent Bond – CrackChemistry First of all, You must be familiar with what is bond ? The bond is usually refers to be electrostatic attraction between two ions or elements via two electrons is called as Bond.    Covalent bond :- Did you think that elements love sharing ? Well,yes They always love to share … Read more

Reformatsky Reaction – Full Reaction Mechanism Explained

Reformatsky Reaction Reformatsky reaction is a formation of ß-hydroxy ester when treating ɑ-halo ester with zinc metal in presence of an inert solvent, Reaction Mechanism of Reformatsky Reaction In the first step, Zinc metal (0) is reacted with ɑ-halo ester and forms an organo-zinc complex which is simply known as Reformatsky enolate. It is very … Read more