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Best Chemistry Books for IIT jee :

Before seeing about the list of Best chemistry books for IIT jee chemistry,
You first understand this,
Most of people think that taking notes from video lectures, online notes is enough for the IIT JEE Exam.
Before getting thoughts like this.
Please remember, this is National Level Competitive Exam.
8 Out of 10 students in India want to clear this exam.
Everyone wants to crack IIT JEE.
Everyone wants to enter into IIT & NIT.
best chemistry books for iit jee

One who prepares perfectly with smart thinking clears this exam. So taking notes from online lectures is not bad but it is not enough for the exam.

Reading Correct standard books is a very much important thing to crack this kind of exam. Because these standard books also contain problems, exercise, etc.., So Questions of IIT JEE can be directly taken from this type of book back problem.
Note: Reading Standard books is Important.
The major advantages of these books are it covers the entire syllabus of the IIT jee (mains)
But for Advanced, you have to look deeply into the topic. But these books are purely Enough.
So here I listed some best chemistry books for IIT jee
Make use of that…
S.No Category Books
1 Organic Chemistry O.P Tandon Peter Sykes Clayden
2 Inorganic chemistry J.D . Lee, Huheey
3 Physical Chemistry R. C. Mukherjee, Puri Sharma Pathania


You have to read all about the concepts and basic terminology and methodology in your NCERT textbook. This will help a lot in understanding those standard chemistry books.
If you need any of these books in PDF format (Free). You can join the Crack Chemistry Whatsapp Group. Click Here (Only chemistry/Science students allowed)
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