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 Bond order for o2:

Before seeing about the Bond order for o2, Let’s see what is bond order because these topics are very much basic in general inorganic chemistry.

 What is Bond order?

  • Bond order is defined as the number of bonds that are present between two atoms,
  • bond order can be one, two, or three.
  • If the bond order is equal to zero as in 
  • It means the molecule does not exist.
  • Bond strength is directly proportional to the bond order

Bond Order for O2  :

The bond order can be calculated by writing the molecular orbital diagram of the o2 molecule. Bond order for o2 can easily be solved by using the bond order trick also. We will discuss that also below.
bond order of o2 molecule
Now, you have to take a deep look at the above molecular orbital diagram of the o2 molecule. There is a formula for calculating bond order, is
 [(number of electrons in bonding orbitals ) – (number of electrons in antibonding orbitals)]


O2 Bond Order = [(8)-(4)]/2 = 4/2  = 2
Due to the absence of unpaired electrons in the molecular orbital of O2, it is Diamagnetic in nature.

Calculation of Bond order for o2 by the trick method:

The bond order trick is already discussed by us earlier in a different post. So we directly move into the calculation of the O2 bond order.
Bond order tricks, bond order tips


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