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This Bond order trick is very useful for students and educators. From now on you don’t have spend more time on solving bond order questions. Before seeing about Bond order tricks, you must be familiar with

What is bond ?
How they’re form ?
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 Bond :

The bond is usually refers to be electrostatic attraction between two ions or elements via two electrons is called as Bond. 
Did you think that elements love sharing ?
Well, yes
They always love to share their electrons to get their Octet State
Bond Order :

 Usually the Bond Order is refers to the Number Bond Formation between the two species when they’re combine together.
In other words, Bond Order is represents the number of Bonding pairs of Electrons between two atoms.
In Covalent Bond system,
•  If the number of Bonding pairs of Electrons is One means Bond order Also One.
•  If the number of Bonding pairs of Electrons is Two means Bond order Also Two.
•  If the number of Bonding pairs of Electrons is Three means Bond order Also Three.
But to determine the Bond Order between two covalently bonded two atoms, you have follow several steps like,
Lewis Dot Structure
But in this trick, you can simply find out the Bond order by memorize the Table. By using this trick you can also predict the
Magnetic Properties also.


  Number of Electrons  Bond Order
 10  1.0
 11  1.5
 12  2.0
 13  2.5
 14  3.0
 15  2.5
 16  2.0
 17  1.5
 18  1.0
To do this trick,You must familiar with this Table.

Step 1 :-

Calculate the Number of Electron present in Given Species :-

Example :-
For O₂,
The Valence electron of the one oxygen atom is 8,
For two oxygen atom it is 16 electrons

Step 2 :-


Things to deal with Charged Species :-

If any charges in that species
•   Cation means subtract with number of charges with electron
•   Anion means Add with number of charges with electron.

Step 3 :-


Final Step :-

Now, Compare the number of electrons you found and table
You can find out the Bond Order
Example :-
For 16 electrons of O₂
The Bond order is Two.

In this above table,

•  you can see whenever the number of electrons increase till 14,there is steady increase of Bond Order in 0.5 Range.
•  But When it increases from 14,there is steady Decrease of Bond Order in 0.5 Range.
I have Provinding you some Workout questions in end of this page,
You can answer it also.
Magnetic Properties :-

By using this trick, You can also predict the Magnetic Properties of the Particular Atom, Molecule or Ion.

 Number of Electrons  Magnetic Properties
 Odd  Paramagnetic
 Even  diamagnetic
Example :-
•   For O₂ molecule we have find earlier that it has 16 electrons.
16 is an Even Number so it is Diamagnetic Character.
•   For O₂⁺
It has 15 electrons.
15 is an odd number so it has a Paramagnetic Character.
Exception in Magnetic Properties :-
For This two set of electron counts there is an exception.
Exception Case  Magnetic Properties
 10  Paramagnetic
 16  Paramagnetic
For this two even counts of electrons,the magnetic Properties is Paramagnetic only
Bond order tricks ,bond order tips, crackchemistry
Sample :-
Sample workout,bond order, crackchemistry
I hope this kind of workout helps a lot.
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