Trick To Find Valency of an Element

  Let’s Learn to calculate the Valency of an element quickly By using this Trick Trick To Find Valency of an Element:   Conditions for this trick to apply, You must know the Valence Electron of that Element. This trick is only suitable for S & P block elements It won’t applicable for D block … Read more

Bond Order Trick – Crack Chemistry

This Bond order trick is very useful for students and educators. From now on you don’t have spend more time on solving bond order questions. Before seeing about Bond order tricks, you must be familiar with What is bond ? How they’re form ?  Bond : The bond is usually refers to be electrostatic attraction … Read more

Trick to find the shape and hybridization of molecules

Hybridization tricks :- The very important topic of the basics chemistry is Hybridization. In the article, you will see about some introduction and methods to find out the Hybridization of molecules as well as Shape/geometry of molecules. Hybridization :- Hybridization is the concept of intermixing of the orbitals of an atom having nearly same energy to … Read more