Ionization Energy – Crack Chemistry

Ionization Energy :   Table Of Contents You are Quite familiar with the atom and you know atom is neutral because it contains equal number of Protons & Electrons. If we add an electron or remove an electron from it will disturb its neutrality of atom. And it become charged particle, called as ” ion “ It … Read more

Electronegativity – Crack Chemistry

Electronegativity – Crack Chemistry Introduction:- It is also an important Periodic Table of elements property. The Electronegativity (EN) tells a lot of characteristics of an element and it also important criteria in formation of molecules. In previous post, you have learn about Atomic size/Atomic Radius of Atom. But Now we are going to see about an element … Read more

Atomic radius – Crack chemistry

Atomic Radius :   One of the important Periodic Table trend is Size of the Atom / Atomic Radius is Explained in this blog Table Of Contents Introduction – The Periodic Table :- Periodic table   Periodic Table of Elements :- The periodic table, also known as Periodic table of elements. It is the address book of … Read more