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Cyclohexane is come under the group of Cycloalkanes.


Cyclohexane is a saturated hydrocarbon with Six Carbon atoms present in it

 All carbon atoms are Attached together by single covalent bonds with another carbon to form a ring. They are also called as Alicyclic Compounds

Cyclohexane – An Overview :


Molecular Formula :-
The molecular Formula of Cyclohexane is C₆H₁₂
Number of Carbon = 6
Number of Hydrogen = 12

Preparation of Cyclohexane:-
The cyclohexane can be easily prepared by the catalytic reduction of benzene and its derivatives


Physical Properties :-
•  Boiling Point    –    80.7 ° C
•  Melting Point   –    6.6 ° C
•  IR Spectrum     –    2850 – 3050 cm⁻¹
• Used as Non-Polar Solvent in Laboratory

Conformations Of Cyclohexane :-

•  The Cyclohexane ring can assume in many shapes.
•  A single Cyclohexane Molecule is in a continuous state of flexing and flipping into different shapes or Confirmation.


Chair of Cyclohexane


•  These Conformations arise due to rotation around carbon-carbon bonds
The Chair form & Boat form are the two extreme cases.
The Stability Of The Conformations Of Cyclohexane:-
•  The stability of the Conformations of Cyclohexane is depend on the Angle Strain or Ring Strain.
•  Higher the value of Angle Strain, Lower will be stability.



  • Among the all possible Conformations of Cyclohexane, The Chair form is Most Stable Cyclohexane.
1. Angle Strain is Zero
2. All C-C bonds are Staggered
3. It requires only minimum energy.


  • Among the all possible Conformations of Cyclohexane, The Half Chair form is Least Stable Cyclohexane.

1. Angle Strain is 10.8 KCal/Mol
2. All C-C bonds are Eclipsed
3. It Requires High energy.


Energy Level of Cyclohexane Conformers:-

 Cyclohexane Form  Ring Strain (Kcal/Mol)
 Half Chair Form  10.8
 Boat Form  7.0
 Twist Boat Form  5.5
 Chair Form  0


Stability Order of Cyclohexane Conformers:-

Chair Form > Twist Boat Form > Boat Form > Half Chair Form
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