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We all know, That cracking a national-level exam like IIT JEE, IIT JAM, NEET is not a simple matter. One should have put all efforts to crack it. So here we provide the simplified notes for you. So that students who are preparing for exams or revisions for the exam can get benefited by this Notes


How to crack NEET-UG or IIT JEE by using these notes?

I know, Lot of you guys were tired of reading books and taking notes from those books. So here I give one best strategy for you which helps you to prepare well for the exams

2. Watch the Related Lectures on Online platforms (Youtube, unacademy, etc.,)
3. Write your own notes

How to Prepare for NEET-UG or IIT JEE if you can’t join coaching :

Everyone knows that cracking a national-level competitive exam is very tough. But remember, that is just tough, not Impossible. A lot of students from lower educational backgrounds clear those exams. For Proofs – Just Search on YouTube. So Now I just giving you an idea to prepare for IIT JEE If you can’t join coaching means. This is also useful for every student also.

You are not going to join a coaching center:  So you’re going to miss the below properties That I’ve listed

  • You will not have a Proper Lecture
  • You will not have an idea about systematic concepts
  • Deficiency in Notes
  • Absolutely No idea about Problem-solving & Numerical
  • Absence in an analysis of previous year question papers of IIT JEE

You will miss the above 5 properties, In order to solve and getting those properties please follow my strategy to prepare for IIT JEE if you can’t join a coaching

For Free means you can go with YouTube Lot of educators are present nowadays Take perfect notes for the respective subjects and understand the concepts

  • Complete the syllabus
  • Make a proper schedule
  • Revise accordingly and try to solve problems
  • Try to spend some time on Previous year questions analysis
  • Get some question banks (available online)

Taking Notes :

Remember that you’re doing self-study. No one going to prepare notes for you. Get the notes online, Read, Then. You have to prepare for yourself. So please make sure that you’re honest with yourself. Don’t forget these exams while chilling with friends. Taking notes is an important part of studying. Write rough notes while watching the video lecture and clear with the concept. These notes will help you in the future (revision)

Read The NCERT Books :

Whenever you’re done with one chapter or concept. Please try to read the available Theory book that you had. Read the book Completely whenever you have time. Finish the syllabus according to your schedule.

Get Study Materials :

You are preparing on your own. So making notes and study materials at the same time is difficult. So Download or buy free study materials from your known resources.

Don’t Watch Motivational Videos :

Please don’t watch any motivational videos to boost up. Because those are like fuels, one or one day it will be dried. So You should self-motivated. Watch interviews of Exam Toppers that you may or may not be work for you.

Don’t get attached to the wrong lecture :

Don’t trust anyone blindly because you are studying on your own so there is a lot of disadvantages that will happen for you. Maybe you can watch wrong lectures or wrong strategies like that.

Don’t trust peoples like “5 minutes to crack IIT JEE”. These peoples are just useless and making you choose the wrong way. Understand the concepts and trust yourself. These tricks and tips for concepts will not work every time.

Join a test series :

Try to join a good and quality test series before you facing the actual exam. Because a quality test series will help you a lot.

Note: In Online there is a lot of people to misguide you. So be aware and choose yourself wisely. Because my strategy will work for one and for others it won’t.

I hope this helps you in preparation for IIT JEE if you can’t join a coaching

All The Best…!

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