Trick To Find Valency of an Element


Let’s Learn to calculate the Valency of an element quickly By using this Trick
trick to find valency of an element

Trick To Find Valency of an Element:

Conditions for this trick to apply,
  1. You must know the Valence Electron of that Element.
  2. This trick is only suitable for S & P block elements
  3. It won’t applicable for D block elements due to their variable Oxidation states.
  4. Lower P block elements do not come under this trick because they’ll possess an Inert Pair Effect  Eg:  Lead, Tin, etc
  5. Noble Gases don’t have any valency due to their octet stability (Outer Orbital Filled with Electrons)

The trick to finding valency :

Let’s look at the trick to find the valency of an element. There are two formulae to calculate the Valency of elements.
• If Valence Electron is Equal to 1,2,3,4 then the Valency of the Element is also the same as the valence electron.
Eg: Carbon valence electron is
Carbon Electronic configuration – 1s²,2s²2p², then valence is 4
Therefore the Valency of Carbon is FOUR
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• If the Valence Electron is more than 4,5,6,7 then the Valency of the Element is  (8 – Valence Electron)
Eg: Fluorine valence electron is
Fluorine Electronic configuration – 1s²,2s²2p⁵, then valence electron is 7
Therefore the Valency of Fluorine is (8 – Valence Electron)  {8-7} is ONE
Sample :
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Element  Electron Arrangements
In Orbitals 
 Valence Electron  Valency Of Element
 Li  1s²,2s¹  1  1
 Cl  1s²,2s²2p⁶,3s²3p⁵  7  1
 C  1s²,2s²2p²  4  4
So the Valency Of an Element depends on the Valence Electrons present in the Element.

What is Valency?

Valency is the combining or Bonding Capacity of a Particular Element. It can be easily calculated by knowing the element’s Valence electrons.

What are Valence Electrons?

The Electrons present in the very outermost Orbital of the atom

Does Valency have Any Sign?

The valency of elements does not have any sign.
But the Valency of elements has Charge.
Positively Charged.(Loss of Electron)
• Negatively Charged.(Gain of electron)

Sample Questions for applying Trick to find valency of an atom


What is the valency of Aluminium ?

The valence electrons of Aluminium can be calculated by its electronic configuration 1s2 , 2s2 2p6 , 3s2 3p1 . The Valence electron is 3. Therefore valency of Aluminium is THREE

What is the valency of Germanium ?

The valence electrons of Germanium can be calculated by its outer most electronic configuration is 4s2 4p2 . The Valence electron is 4 like Carbon . Therefore valency of Germanium is FOUR

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