Mesomeric Effect – Definition,Types,Order and Uses

Mesomeric Effect – Definition, Types, Order, and Uses It is an important topic in organic chemistry like the inductive effect. You must know about the mesomeric effect, so that helps a lot in learning reaction mechanisms in organic chemistry Mesomeric Effects (or) Resonance Effect:-              Whilst inductive Effect pulls electrons … Read more

Ionization Energy – Crack Chemistry

Ionization Energy :   Table Of Contents You are Quite familiar with the atom and you know atom is neutral because it contains equal number of Protons & Electrons. If we add an electron or remove an electron from it will disturb its neutrality of atom. And it become charged particle, called as ” ion “ It … Read more

Photochemistry Notes – Crack Chemistry

Photochemistry Notes Here I have attached Photochemistry Notes in this article, make use of that – Jablonsky diagram – Important Reactions in Photochemistry Photochemistry – Crack Chemistry   In this blog, we’re going to see about the basics of photochemistry,   1. What is Photochemistry ? 2. What is Electronic excitation ? 3.Jablonsky diagram 4.Norrish … Read more

[PDF] OP Tandon Physical Chemistry pdf Download 2021

To clear Quality Exams like IIT JEE, one should have practice well with good amount of questions, understand their strength and weakness. OP Tandon Physical chemistry Pdf which is also known as grb physical Chemistry  gives good knowledge about concept (theory part) and numericals also. So students can get benefits from the book who cannot … Read more

[Free] S Chand Physics Class 9 PDF Free Download

s chand physics class 9 pdf free download, s chand physics class 9 pdf

Are you looking for a website to download S Chand Physics Class 9 PDF? Don’t worry, You are in the right place. Hello everyone, Today CrackChemistry Provides you with an amazing S Chand Physics Class 9 Book PDF. It is one of the best reference books for 10th-class Physics by S Chand. This PDF helps … Read more

[PDF] Engineering Mechanics Statics 14th Edition Solutions PDF

Engineering Mechanics Statics 14th Edition Solutions PDF

Are you an engineering student who is looking for Engineering Mechanics Statics 14th Edition Solutions PDF all over the internet? Don’t worry. Now you’re at the right place to download the PDF Introduction: Engineering Mechanics statics is an amazing book to read and learn. It gives a lot of value to engineering students as well … Read more

Electronegativity – Crack Chemistry

Electronegativity – Crack Chemistry Introduction:- It is also an important Periodic Table of elements property. The Electronegativity (EN) tells a lot of characteristics of an element and it also important criteria in formation of molecules. In previous post, you have learn about Atomic size/Atomic Radius of Atom. But Now we are going to see about an element … Read more

Atomic radius – Crack chemistry

Atomic Radius :   One of the important Periodic Table trend is Size of the Atom / Atomic Radius is Explained in this blog Table Of Contents Introduction – The Periodic Table :- Periodic table   Periodic Table of Elements :- The periodic table, also known as Periodic table of elements. It is the address book of … Read more

How to prepare for IIT JEE if you can’t join a coaching ?

Everyone knows that cracking an national-level competitive exam is very tough. But remember, that is just tough, not Impossible. A lot of students from lower educational backgrounds clear those exams. For Proofs – Just Search on YouTube. So Now I just giving you an idea to prepare for IIT JEE If you can’t join coaching … Read more

Phenol | Structure, Preparation, Reactions, Properties

Phenol – General View Phenol is the simplest Aromatic Alcohol with the Molecular formula of C₆H₅OH. This Molecule consists of the Phenyl Group (-C₆H₅) attached to the hydroxy group (-OH). It is Acidic in Nature, it requires additional careful handling due to its acidic nature. Phenol – Structure Structure of Phenol Molecular Formula: C₆H₅OH In … Read more

Reimer Tiemann reaction – Crack Chemistry

Reimer Tiemann reaction | Organic Reaction Mechanism This is one of the very very important naming reactions in organic chemistry especially for students pursuing Higher Secondary and Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry subjects. This reaction is about Ortho-Formylation in aromatic alcohols. Simply we can say, Reimer Tiemann Reaction is used in the conversation of Phenol into … Read more

How to Identify aromatic anti-aromatic & non-aromatic compounds ?


Aromatic, Anti-aromatic & non-aromatic compounds: Before discussing the Aromatic, Anti-aromatic & non-aromatic compounds in this session, you have to recollect the following kinds of stuff. We have already discussed this, What is Aromaticity? What is Anti-Aromaticity? So Huckel’s Rule for Both Aromatic and Anti-Aromatic is the same but only differs in formula (4n+2)&(4n). Other criteria … Read more

[PDF] S Chand Class 10 Biology PDF Free Download 2022

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Are you looking for a website to download S Chand Class 10 Biology PDF? Don’t worry, You are in the right place. Hello everyone, Today CrackChemistry Provides you with an amazing S Chand Class 10 Biology Book PDF. S Chand is one of the top biology books for class 10, it covers all the topics … Read more

disclaimer for Books

Disclaimer : Crack Chemistry does not own any of these materials. Neither created nor scanned. We collect and provide the link that is already available all over the internet. We don’t support piracy-like things. The only aim is to provide the study materials to all poor students who cant offer coaching classes or buying study … Read more

Periodic Table Properties – Notes

We all know to understand the basics of chemistry and clearing the competitive exams like NEET, JEE – Periodicity is very much important. Here We share with you Periodic Table Notes (Handwritten) Notes (Class-12) Download Now – Notes How to crack NEET-UG or IIT JEE by using these notes? I know, Lot of you guys … Read more