[PDF] OP Tandon Organic Chemistry PDF Free download

op tandon organic chemistry pdf download

Free Download | OP Tandon organic chemistry PDF book (GRB organic chemistry pdf) is very much useful for all JEE & NEET aspirants. Personally, I used this book for my Intensive competitive exam. OP Tandon organic chemistry pdf (GRB Organic Chemistry) is very much helped me a lot in my studies and in clearing the … Read more

[PDF] MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry PDF Download 2021

MS chauhan organic chemistry PDF free download

ms chauhan organic chemistry pdf gives good practice for Organic Chemistry problems. It has a nice approach to solve Organic Chemistry Plenty of Organic Chemistry problems were available in this book. So students can get benefits from the book who cannot afford to buy.      Download Link Given Below for MS Chauhan organic chemistry … Read more

Best chemistry books for iit jee – Crack Chemistry

Best Chemistry Books for IIT jee : Before seeing about the list of Best chemistry books for IIT jee chemistry, You first understand this, Most of people think that taking notes from video lectures, online notes is enough for the IIT JEE Exam. Before getting thoughts like this. Please remember, this is National Level Competitive … Read more

Thermodynamics Notes – Download

Hello, Here we are providing you the BEST Standard Notes. This Thermodynamics notes is taken from IIT JEE Topper. This will definitely help you to boost your ranks in the exams. Although the notes are very simple and basic, it is very much help in the revision and initial stages of your preparation. I highly … Read more

Reformatsky Reaction – Full Reaction Mechanism Explained

Reformatsky Reaction Reformatsky reaction is a formation of ß-hydroxy ester when treating ɑ-halo ester with zinc metal in presence of an inert solvent, Reaction Mechanism of Reformatsky Reaction In the first step, Zinc metal (0) is reacted with ɑ-halo ester and forms an organo-zinc complex which is simply known as Reformatsky enolate. It is very … Read more

Covalent Bond – Crack Chemistry

Covalent Bond – CrackChemistry First of all, You must be familiar with what is bond ? The bond is usually refers to be electrostatic attraction between two ions or elements via two electrons is called as Bond.    Covalent bond :- Did you think that elements love sharing ? Well,yes They always love to share … Read more

What are the best ways to study Organic Chemistry Effectively ?

Organic Chemistry is one of the important part in the Chemistry subject.This is article we will suggest you some best way to study Organic chemistry. The organic chemistry mostly have the reaction mechanism.So one who understands the mechanisms and reactions will crack that part effectively. You must know about the types of bonds, hybridization,shape,bond angles etc.., … Read more

What are carbene ? | Reaction intermediates

What are carbene ? It is a very short living Species formed in between the reaction Carbene is a molecule containing neutral carbon atom with valence of two and two unshared electrons ( loan pair ). The general formula is R’ – (:C) – R or  R=C: Where R is any alkyl group or substituted … Read more