What are the best ways to study Organic Chemistry Effectively ?

Organic Chemistry is one of the important part in the Chemistry subject.This is article we will suggest you some best way to study Organic chemistry.
The organic chemistry mostly have the reaction mechanism.So one who understands the mechanisms and reactions will crack that part effectively.
You must know about the types of bonds, hybridization,shape,bond angles etc..,
It is very important to study about the Organic chemistry Reaction mechanisms.
Major atoms and groups in organic chemistry :
To Study Organic chemistry Reaction mechanism easily,you must have some basic knowledge abouts behaviour Atoms like Carbon,Hydrogen,Sulphur,Nitrogen etc.. & Groups like Amine,amide,aldehydes,ketones,esters,acids,alkyls etc ,

Major Effects in organic chemistry to study :
After getting some knowledge about that You must know about Some important Effects that present in Basic Organic Chemistry.They are
1.Inductive Effect (Stability of Carbocations & Carbanions)
2.Mesomeric Effect (π-electron Transfer to charges)
3.Hyperconjugation (Electron transfer)
4.Resonance Effect (Stability of Cyclic compounds/ring current)
5.Steric Effect (Causes due to presence of large sized molecules)
6.Markonikoff/Anti-markonikoff Rule (Addition of groups in different positions)
7.Octet rule
This Six effects are Very important in the organic chemistry.Each and every reaction mechanism will follow atleats one in the above effects
Important keynotes to Study :-
To avoid forgetting reaction mechanisms steps,you must know about the charactors of atoms and groups.

For example :- (atoms)
* Carbon has 4-valence electrons so it only forms 4 bonds with another atoms,otherwise it only presents in the ion state
* Oxygen has 6 valence electrons but it only forms 2 bonds with another atoms to attain OCTET complete structure remaining four will be present as the lone pairs.
For example :- (Groups)
* The alkyl groups are more electron rich groups & they have tendency to donate electrons as much the satisfy the positive charges mostly
* The Halide groups are more elctro negative groups & the have tendency to withdraw the electron as much the satisfy the negative charges
To know about Basic organic chemistry Click here to see the videos in youtube

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